Putting an end to blind buying! We offer a variety of decanted perfume samples from niche, designer, and celebrity fragrance houses which are great for sampling before purchasing a full-sized bottle. All perfumes are sourced from reputable wholesalers and retailers, then hand-extracted straight from the manufacturers bottle/s into small bottles/vials with plain labels indicating the size, name, and designer.

Any photos, other than our own, are purely for perfume identification/visual reference purposes only. 

We do not sell full sized bottles but can definitely point you in the right direction of a trusted retailer should you need some help. 



Similar to wine decanting, a fragrance/perfume decant is simply transferring the fragrance from the original manufacturers bottle to another container. In this case, smaller glass vials/atomisers such as 1ml, 3ml and 5ml.
It is a super affordable and fun way to explore the fragrance world! 


Yes, all fragrances are 100% authentic and decanted directly from the original manufacturer's bottle.


1ml “dab” vials - These are perfect for the perfumes you’ve heard about or seen, but never smelt before. Or when you’re on the hunt for a new signature scent or a gift for a loved one. These will definitely do the trick!

3ml bottle atomisers - These are handy for when you’ve been umm’ing and arr’ing over a perfume, or have a fair idea that you’ll like it based off the notes but still not 100% sure you want to take the plunge. Each 3ml atomiser will give you approx 20-30 sprays which
is a great amount to give the perfume a really good go. See how it reacts with your body chemistry, test the longevity and silage. All that good stuff. They are also the perfect size to pop in your handbag!

5ml bottle atomisers - These are only available for perfume mists as they contain lower perfume oil concentration (so you need that little bit extra!) 

Important Note - All decants are accurately measured using sterile measuring equipment. There is intentionally some air space left at the top of the atomisers/vials, which is vital to prevent pressure build-up and leaking during shipping. This air space does not imply that you have received less than the purchased amount. 

WHY? 🤷‍♀️

Because we get it! Some perfumes are only available online or from selected stores/retailers and the paper/card spray or small wee spritz on the wrist you get just doesn’t cut the mustard! especially when the perfume you’re looking at comes with a hefty price tag. Before you invest, you want to know it’s going to work for you in every sort of situation and suit YOUR preference.


We do not condone, nor support any counterfeit goods. We love and respect the fragrance community immensely and there is no way we would allow these near our shelves! This would only jeopardise someone’s fragrance journey/experience and that is the complete opposite to what we want. Rest assured, we got you!


The Little Decant NZ is a fully independent and separate entity from any of the manufacturers and brand owners/designers of the fragrances we offer. The perfumes are simply purchased by us and then decanted. We do not take any credit for the incredible masterpieces these designers have created.