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Kayali Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli 64 EDP Sample/Decant

Kayali Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli 64 EDP Sample/Decant

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*Decanted Perfume Sample

Vanilla Royale is the intense take on the classic Vanilla | 28, blended in an intoxicating mix of Sugared Patchouli and Amber Woods; this fragrance forges a powerful, deep, and addictive scent that is seductively irresistible in every way, now captured in a spectacularly luxurious gold bottle. With an enhanced blend of exotic florals, rich spices, and dark, decadent notes, Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli 64 unites contrasting textures: gourmand indulgence with rich sensuality for an intense new level of sophistication.

This complex explosion of sweet vanilla mixed with sugared patchouli will be the crown jewel in every vanilla lover’s collection.

For the opening of Vanilla Royale, the elegant and warm Vanilla Orchid and creamy Jasmine unite with Golden Rum for an intoxicating intensity. In the heart of the fragrance, Vanilla Infusion, Vanilla Surabsolute, and Crème Brulée create an overload of sweet, gourmand sensations while nuances of almond, tobacco, and caramel from the Tonka Bean bring an intense level of irresistibility. Powerful yet delicate, the Spicy Rose Bouquet along with Smoky Leather creates an intriguing signature that is raw and velvety yet distinctively refined. Earthy with woody and camphorous facets, Sugared Patchouli glistens with sparkling sweetness while toasted tones of Brown Sugar further enhance the dark, decadent richness. The Amber brings glowing intrigue to the exotic Royal Oud that is woven throughout the fragrance to further enhance the dry down. Finally, a tender trace of creamy Musk creates a scent that is uniquely contrasted by soft sensuality and deep, luxurious richness.

Top Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Jasmine, Golden Rum. Middle Notes: Vanilla Infusion, Vanilla Surabsolute, Tonka Bean Accord, Spicy Rose Bouquet, Smoky Leather, Crème Brulé. Dry Notes: Sugared Patchouli, Musk, Brown Sugar, Amber, Royal Oud

*Please note you will receive an unbranded decant of the original fragrance. The last image shows the vial/bottle/size so you know what to expect (L- 3ml, R- 1ml).  The other images used are purely for visual reference. 

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