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Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush '40 Perfume Mist Sample/Decant

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush '40 Perfume Mist Sample/Decant

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*Decanted Sample

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa' 40 by Sol de Janeiro Perfume Mist

An intoxicating yet delicate fragrance that captures the fruity notes of plums, vanilla woods and jasmine blooms. Silk to skin. Sultry and delicate, this warm floral fragrance pulls you in with a sheer touch of sophisticated sensuality.

“This scent elevates the sensorial experience, introducing something slightly more layered and multidimensional. A unique balance of Black Amber plum and vanilla woods bring depth with a touch of luxury. It has this delectability that drives confidence and creates playful intrigue." —JEROME EPINETTE, PERFUMER

*please note, you will receive an unbranded decanted sample of the original fragrance, not what is pictured. The photos used are purely for visual reference

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